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John E. Silvius silviusj at CEDARNET.CEDARVILLE.EDU
Wed Sep 8 08:33:47 EST 1999

Martin, we use MS Access to manage entries for our small herbarium and
are pleased with it.  Once students learn collecting, press/drying,
and mounting techniques, they learn to prepare herbarium labels which
include precise information on location.  I emphasize the importance
of avoiding collecting in locations where local populations may be
threatened, and I assume your purpose would include information to
discourage careless collecting.  I'll be glad to send you a sample
version of our Access database file.

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<<< Martin Witchard <M.Witchard at>  9/ 7  6:46p >>>

Dear All,

I'm trying to construct a plant database for collectors on our campus
and from the local botanic garden. Purpose? To enable future people in
my position to know where to go to collect plants for practical

My question is : does anyone know of a useful program to contain info
family, genus, species and field notes? MS Access might be a
but I'm not sure I need anything so complex! What are other people
who have a similar databases set up? We're not talking a complete
here - just a couple of hundred or so species useful in our classes.


Martin Witchard.

P.S. The ability to incorporate a map would be also useful.


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