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Tonya Griffin wrote:

>I am in search of free or very inexpensive educational tools or ideas.
>I have a seven year old daughter who is interested in plants.  I would like
>to teach her about plants.  I have planted with her and so forth but I would
>like her to learn some fun educational (scientific) aspects of plants,
>growth and how it all effects our ecosystem.  Do you have any suggestions?

I can recommend two excellent children's books that have interesting
experiments using plants:

Ardley, Neil.  1991.  Science Book of Things That Grow.  San Diego, CA:
Harcourt Brace  ISBN:  0-15-200586-2

Pascoe, Elaine.  1996.  Seeds and Seedlings.  Woodbridge, CT:  Blackbirch
Press  ISBN:  1-56711-178-5

Another children's book has lots of interesting information about plants:

Dow, Lesley.  1997.  Incredible Plants (Nature Company Discoveries Library)
Alexandria, VA:  Time Life Books.  ISBN:  0-7835-4799-4

All three of these books are available from

Of course, these are only three of hundreds of wonderful books.  I you have
a botanical garden or science center in your area, visit the book section
of their gift shop.  This summer I've been to the Missouri Botanical Garden
and the Chicago Botanical Garden and both of them had a wonderful selection
of children's books on plants.  And don't forget your local library.  If
your library doesn't have these books, suggest that they get them!  (I
won't profit from the sale!)

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