The 4th issue of AgBioForum

Thu Sep 9 16:33:15 EST 1999

Dear PLANT-ED Members:

I am writing to inform you that the fourth issue of AgBioForum is now 
on-line ( The fourth issue 
discusses farm level impacts of agrobiotechnology, that is, how much 
value recent commercialized products have created and who the main 
beneficiaries are.  In addition, a paper by Professor Kershen is 
included in this issue.  Professor Kershen places the recent 
controversies in biotechnology in historical perspective.

I hope that you will find this issue a useful resource.  If you have 
any specific questions please contact agbioforum at 
Information on membership, editorial policy, and submissions is 
available on-line.

                 Leonie A. Marks, Ph.D.
                 Managing Editor of AgBioForum


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