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Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Sat Sep 11 05:05:12 EST 1999


I began teaching my daughter to graft in 3rd grade.  She was 8.  she made a rose
bush that produces her three favorite roses all on one plant.  She still has
it.  (she's 13 now)
Bud grafting isn't at all difficult to master.  There's a free tutorial online
that i use for "Master Gardener" programs here at:

for roses, use the "bud grafting" button.

It didn't make her the plant freak her Dad is, but she's awfully proud of her
rosebush, and she's the only 8th grader I know of that can identify meristematic
tissue in plants.  Her science teacher was flabbergasted.  Made her daddy
proud... LOL *grin*
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