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Mon Sep 13 04:07:12 EST 1999

> Chinese dwarf banana  Very warm, moist.  Open, and "airy" compost.
> Chinese elm If it's Ulmus parvifolia, it'll germinate anywhere, anytime.
> Black alder No idea *grin*
> Black birch  6 weeks cold and damp (in moss in the frig.?) then gradually
> warmer
> Carob tree  File the seedcoat. soak for an hour to 12, then plant
> warm-moist
> Biophytum sensitivum and dendroides  surface sow, keep at 100% realitive
> humidity until rooted and have 1 pair of "true" leaves.
> Dishidia pectenoides same as above, but take extra precoution to keep
> fungus away (on sterile shpaginum peat works well)

> Steve

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