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Jon Monroe monroejd at
Mon Sep 13 09:03:41 EST 1999

>Please change the address at which I receive the plant ed list from
>lhgildensoph at to lgildensoph at  Alternatively, 
>please send me
>the instructions for doing this myself.  Thanks.

Since this situation is not uncommon I'll explain what I know to the group.

If you anticipate that your address will change, you must send an 
unsubscribe message from the OLD address and then re-subscribe from 
the NEW address.  If you can no longer log-on from the old address, 
ask your local e-mail support staff to log-on from that address and 
send the following message for you.  I could ask the BIOSCI 
administrators to do it by hand, but they have plenty of other things 
to do...

To change your subscription status automatically, send your commands to:
	biosci-server at

The command to send is either:
	unsubscribe plant-ed
	subscribe plant-ed

The "end" is necessary if you have a signature file so as not to 
confuse the server.  A subject isn't necessary.  If you have problems 
contact me directly at  monroejd at  rather than sending your 
question to the group.

I just noticed that the "BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser" we 
recently received has a "last revision date" of 14-AUG-99.  I'm not 
sure if it is significantly different from the previous 1995 version, 
but have a look at it if you have questions.


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