Forensic botany

Nancy Harrison vulpia at
Mon Sep 13 08:59:40 EST 1999

In article <37DCF88E.D28E8D94 at>, cmaxwell at TRENTU.CA says...
>Dear Plant edders,
>Students always seem interested in forensic aspects of botany, and I was
>thinking of developing a lab or part of a lab with a forensic aspect.
>Before re-inventing the wheel, I was wondering whether anyone has come
>across such a lab? I haven't, even though I have looked.  Alternatively
>does anyone have suggestions?
I have always been interested in this aspect of botany myself!
I've never heard of any labs on it, but you could create one yourself
perhaps. I would suggest a trip to the local medical examiner's to
interview someone on this! (Quincy, here she comes!) - NH

---Nancy Harrison, SRJC Life Sciences, Santa Rosa CA 95401 (with link to CNPS in Sonoma 

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