Forensic botany

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Wed Sep 15 19:55:21 EST 1999

The case I remember hearing about was in Arizona.  A truck (belonging to
a suspect) needed to be tied to the crime scene.  At the crime scene was
a Paloverde tree.  Paloverde seeds were found in the bed of the truck
and were DNA-fingerprinted.  In addition, some large number of local
Paloverde trees including the one at the crime scene had their seeds
DNA-fingerprinted.  The scientists were able to determine that the seeds
in the truck matched only the ones from the tree at the crime scene, so
the truck at least had been under that tree recently.  I think I saw
that one of the standard 1st  year Biology majors' texts devotes a whole
page to this story, but I don't recall which one.


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