active transport

Botanique1 at AOL.COM Botanique1 at AOL.COM
Tue Sep 28 20:02:58 EST 1999


Off the cuff, without refs in front of me, if I were a secretory structure, 
let's say a peltate glandular trichome (Steffi wanting to use trichomes in an 
example????), and the plant leaf that I resided on has evolved to accumulate 
particular lipids and other secondary compounds within myself and others that 
happen to be toxic or deterrent to herbivores, I would think that I might 
have evolved as well, to actively transport water out of me.  I want the 
concentration of that stuff high, not diluted by water.  Now.... My first 
question is, did Essau elaborate on the transport?  I am starting to doubt my 
initial thoughts....  Most secretory structures are basically groups of cells 
surrounded by a cuticular layer.  The compounds are manufactured in plastids 
of the cells, and transported into the space between the cell walls and the 
cuticle (sub-cuticular space I believe...).  Where is the active transport of 
water in all this?  GOOD question.  One I had not thought of.  I will grab my 
books, engage my neurons, and try to come up with something.


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