Aloe Vera .. Some Questions

Alastair Couper kalepa at shaka.commm
Tue Apr 4 23:02:09 EST 2000

>And what are all the uses for aloe vera that you know

I think it is best to use aloe immediately as it comes from the plant, as many 
of its constituents are unstable. Commercially it is harvested directly into 
ice water, and is processed within one hour of picking, so as to disable the 
enzyme which causes its properties to vanish.

It is good for many burns, as is usually known. Sunburn particularly, as it 
also relieves pain slightly.

Taken internally, blended with water or juice, it is good for many things, 
including immune stimulatation. Make sure not to get any of the yelow sap from 
the skin, but to use the gel inside, and the material right under the skin in 
the tubules, (I scrape it with a spoon) so as to get the mucopolysaccharides 
which are concentrated there.

Alastair Couper
kalepa at shaka dot com

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