Seeking recommendations for plant science books

Peter_Heywood Peter_Heywood at
Wed Apr 5 11:55:13 EST 2000

   I teach an introductory biology course "Plants,Food,and People"that
focuses on the biology of crop plants,the development of agriculture,and
the effects of agriculture on the environment.We cover plant
structure,systematics,physiology,  biochemistry and genetics (including,of
course,agricultural biotechnology).
   We use the textbook "Plants,Genes,and Agriculture"by Chrispeels and
Sadava.This is very useful but lacks the wider coverage of "Plant
Science.An Introduction to World Crops" by Janick et al (1981) or "Plant
Science. Growth,Development,and Utilization of Cultivated Plants" by
Hartmann et al (1988).Does anyone have a recommendation for a textbook
which covers similar material to these two plant science books but which
is more current?

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