Lycopodium Powder

Ross Koning koning at
Wed Apr 12 07:49:01 EST 2000

At 10:22 PM +1000 4/12/00, Shane Hodges wrote:
>Hello to all
>I'm searching for a (potential) supplier of Lycopodium (Club Moss) Powder,
>from Lycopodium clavatum, also known as vegetable sulfur.
>I'm from Australia, so it would preferably be a supplier from Australia.
>If anybody could give me a contact, or at least give a few helpful pointers,
>it would be most appreciated.
>I can be e-mailed on vlahodge at
>Cheers, Shane Hodges.

Carolina Biological is a supplier in the US.
I'm not sure how their service would be "down under."

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