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WFFT Signs Partnership with One Billion Potential Clients of  
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Strong, Strong Buy Recommendation:
WFFT will SOON be Fully listed on the AMEX Stock Exchange
WFFT closed  at $ 5.87 
after GAINS of 15 % Monday,  25 % Tuesday and 5% Wednesday
and will Climb past their Year High of $17 VERY Quickly!

Tue Apr 18 WFFT.OB What's for Free Technologies Announces Internet Marketing Partnership with The Catholic, Inc. - PR Newswire 
Fri Apr 14 WFFT.OB Emerging Company Report - Remanufacturing Low Grade Lumber to Higher Grades - PR Newswire 
Tue Apr 11 WFFT.OB What's for Free Technologies Announces Completion of $6.5 Million Private Placement; Files Form 2 for AMEX Small Cap Listing - PR Newswire 
Fri Mar 31 WFFT.OB What's For Free Technologies Announces Payment of Share Dividend - PR Newswire 
Fri Mar 31 WFFT.OB Emerging Company Report - Converting Hazardous NOx from Engine Exhaust Into Harmless Nitrogen and Water - PR Newswire 

Tuesday April 18, 9:02 am Eastern Time 
Company Press Release
SOURCE: What's For Free Technologies, Inc. 
What's for Free Technologies Announces Internet Marketing Partnership with The Catholic, Inc.
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- What's For Free Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: WFFT - news) announced today that it has signed an internet marketing partnership with The Catholic, Inc. (CNCI), a unique worldwide marketing and distribution company targeting over 1 Billion Catholic people worldwide. 

Under the terms of the agreement, WFFT will be paid a fee to assist CNCI with the marketing and branding of their proprietary products and services over the Internet. In addition, CNCI will utilize WFFT's core technology for the development and delivery of their e-Commerce enabled website, which is under development and scheduled for launch in late-May 2000. 

``The strategic relationship of co-branding with WFFT will give us immediate worldwide reach and significantly strengthen our sales plan of sacred and secular products,'' said CNCI's Senior Vice President, Bob Selby. ``Our concept is unique in that we market through our multilingual website and with a sales force of Catholic laypersons. These independent master distributors reach into every Parish in the U.S. and eventually around the World.'' 

WFFT Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mike Dillon, says, ``This agreement produces both revenue and widespread exposure for our Company as we participate with CNCI in their initial marketing and branding strategies. Our relationship affirms the WFFT business model as an attractive new and unique marketing opportunity for affiliated companies.'' 

About The Catholic, Inc. 

The Catholic, Inc. mission is to provide the worldwide Catholic family relevant information, unique sacred offerings and value-priced secular products. This outreach is accomplished with a safe and secure web site supported by an independent network of Catholic laypersons, providing ``the human touch'' content to each parish and diocese. Their goal is to build a morally vested partnership with Catholic families. CNCI has committed to give approximately 20% of their gross annual worldwide revenues back to the dioceses and parishes, including the Catholic University of America by way of donation, contribution and discount. 

About What's For Free Technologies, Inc. 

WFFT is an Internet technology, marketing and branding company focused on the growing ``free'' Internet products and services arena. WFFT offers unique, non-traditional technology marketing and brand identity for its clients, corporate accounts, advertising firms and not-for-profit organizations. Strategic alliances and infrastructure components include Cisco, Sun, Oracle, and EMC. In the past months, WFFT has also been successful in attracting an outstanding management and advisory team. The WFFT branded Internet portal is conveniently located at, and it serves as the gateway to free products and services for all demographic sectors of the market. 

For additional information about What's for Free Technologies, Inc. or this press release, please visit the website at, or contact Investor Relations, toll-free at 1-877-899-9950 or email at ir at 

Note: Certain statements herein that are not historical are forward- looking statements and involve risk and uncertainties. Although management believes that the expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that these expectations will prove to have been correct. Investors who seek more information about the Company's business and relative risk factors may wish to review the Company's periodic reports filed with the SEC including, but not limited to, its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K/SB and Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB. 


Just Received Eric David & Sons Analysis:

Eric David Issues Strong Buy on 
What's For Free Technologies
(WFFT otc-bb)
Eric, David & Sons, Inc. Rates
What’s For Free Technologies


     Eric, David & Sons, Inc., a private financial marketing and management company, has put out a strong Buy Rating on What’s for Free Technologies, Inc., an Internet marketing and branding company.  What’s for Free is an Internet-based company whose mission is to provide corporations, partnerships and not-for-profit organizations with innovative pathways for promoting their products and services.

     What’s for Free,, is being created for organizations who wish to grant consumers and businesses access to free products and services.  The What’s for Free website is scheduled for launch in June 2000.

     Steven Weiss, President and CEO of Eric, David & Sons, Inc., stated that What’s for Free has an unusual opportunity to create regional, national and international interest in its products and services.  Why?  Because the products and services offered through its website are free.

     The company designed its website as a primary Internet portal and search engine for consumers wishing access to free products and services.  Their user-friendly website is designed to quickly target the interest of an inquiring consumer and to offer free products and services related to consumer preferences and demographics.  In addition to free products and services, the company will develop and operate related websites for other web entrepreneurs.

     Eric, David & Sons, Inc. was particularly attracted to What’s for Free because of its experienced management team and its unique marketing plan for charitable projects.  

Marketing for Charitable and Not-For-Profit

     What’s for Free Technologies offers a unique integration of corporate and not-for-profit donations for its affiliate incentive programs.  What’s for Free can channel proceeds in many ways and can act as the donation facilitator for local and national charities.  What’s for Free intends to obtain the support of charitable groups through measurable results from its charitable giving activities.  These efforts will offer charities a clear market/brand identity for more effective delivery of benefits to the needy, and should lead to an increased consumer/charitable giver loyalty. 

Corporate Officers and Executive Management 
     Steven Weiss stated that in his 20 years of business, finance and management experience  “a successful company will always have successful people with successful backgrounds.”  What’s for Free Technologies has just that.  Mr. Jan Olivier, Chairman and CEO, heads up an unusually talented management team.  His corporate executive and management people have over 100 years of combined management experience.  Mr. Olivier himself has over 35 years of national and international business experience.

     Mr. Weiss toured the company’s Scottsdale, Arizona facilities and met management and many of their 45 employees including numerous web designers, programmers, and technical support people.  Management has scheduled to have over 100 employees by the June launch of their web site and search engine portal.  Their staff will include a large state-of-the-art customer service department along with a technical support services team that will be housed in a new state of the art facility.  These facilities will allow for future growth that is expected well into the next decade.

     Mr. Weiss met with the following corporate executives in New York and in Scottsdale, including personnel who are currently setting up operations in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.  

C. Austin Burrell, Vice Chairman, President and COO is a graduate of West Point. His extensive knowledge and experience base is focused on insuring strong leadership in the areas of product development, corporate finance and administration. Mr. Burrell is an experienced technology and management generalist who has worked with over 150 companies since 1983. His experience is in the following fields: information sciences, the Internet, health care & pharmaceuticals, global finance, banking, development funding, marketing, strategic planning and more. His experience on Wall Street covered a wide range of assignments, i.e., trading, marketing, investment banking, pension fund consulting, strategic planning, research, due diligence, product development, information technology and consulting.     

Avery Martinez, Chief Technical Officer & Executive Vice President, has 20 years’ experience in technology with a BS in Business. He currently serves on the Cisco business advisory council. Mr. Martinez has developed the infrastructure, engine design, and many components of the What’s for Free properties. For the past five years, Mr. Martinez previously served as Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Internet Crossing. In 1996, Mr. Martinez was recognized by Microsoft as Solution Partner of the Year. Prior to joining What’s for Free Technologies, Mr. Martinez had partnered with Deloitte & Touché, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Cisco on enterprise network projects. 

Michael Dillon, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales, has over 30 years of experience in marketing & sales activities. Mr. Dillon was the co-founder of, a b2b e-commerce company providing Internet solutions for the printing and publishing industry. Mr. Dillon previously held the position of Executive Vice President at Pre/Press Solutions, a manufacturer of high-speed network solutions for the digital publishing industry. As the #2 executive in this company of over 200 employees, Mr. Dillon was involved in all aspects of the operation. Mr. Dillon has built a track record of success in commercial and technical markets. He has also held a variety of sales and marketing positions at various high technology corporations, including Delphax Systems, Digital Equipment, Apollo Computer and Honeywell Information Systems. 

Richard H. Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Charitable Activities, is an internationally recognized humanitarian with more than 20 years of experience in managing leadership and business development for both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations. During the past 3 years, Mr. Schmidt was the owner and president of Valley Tree Services, Inc. Prior to that Mr. Schmidt was President of a not-for-profit company called About My Fathers Business, Inc. Mr. Schmidt has led various multi-million dollar relief efforts in 2nd and 3rd world countries. Mr. Schmidt's worldwide network of contacts and his proven business management skills will be utilized by What’s for Free to benefit provider corporations in their effort to obtain maximum value from their targeted charitable giving activities.


Scott Dahne, Chairman, is an accomplished business-consulting professional with over 20 years’ experience in the areas of business system integration, engineering, and general business management. In addition, Mr. Dahne has "BIG SIX" consulting experience, having practiced in the business systems consulting group at Deloitte & Touché. Specializing in the application of business re-engineering methods and information technology to help businesses grow and prosper in their selected markets. Prior to his experience at Deloitte & Touché, Mr. Dahne spent 2 years as a research fellow at the Logistics Management Institute consulting to the office of the Secretary of Defense in systems and manufacturing issues. Mr. Dahne also worked with Westinghouse, Litton Industries, and Texas Instruments, where he developed, planned, organized and implemented large, multi-faceted technical projects in manufacturing and advanced information systems technology. Mr. Dahne holds an MBA from the Univer!
sity of Phoenix, an MS in Technical Management from John Hopkins University and a BA in Chemistry from Western Maryland College.

Allan D. Liker, Esq., is recognized as an expert in International Law, Corporate Governance and Taxation. Mr. Liker was a principal at Xerox Development Corporation, where he had a major responsibility for the FCC’s adoption of the landmark X-10 Rulemaking, covering document distribution, data transmission, and teleconferencing. Mr. Liker recently served on the Board of Directors of Budget Rent-A-Car Worldwide. Mr. Liker is a former Professor at Harvard, UCLA, and USC Law schools, respectively. Mr. Liker will provide legal stability and expertise as the company moves into rapidly expanding regional, national and international markets. 

     On March 28, 2000, What’s for Free Technologies appointed Mr. William Barker to its advisory board. Mr. Barker is the former Chief Financial Officer of the CBS/FOX Company. Although Mr. Weiss did not have a chance to meet and or interview Mr. Barker. All readers of this publication should look at the company’s press release of March 28,2000 and the history behind this Dartmouth graduate. You will be very impressed. 

     Mr. Weiss stated that although he met with the above executives, he did not come close to meeting everyone at What’s for Free and encourages all readers of to look at the What’s for Free Investor Relations page at and to read about the many other talented individuals working at this very high class company. Also on April 11, 2000 What’s for Free Technologies filed a form 2 for AMEX small cap listing! They also stated on the same press release that they had completed a $6,500,000 private placement financing through the issuance of rule 144 common stock and anticipates the warrants attached to these placements will be exercised generating an additional $9,300,000.

With a low 17,336,692 shares outstanding, top corporate executives, top advisory council, unique business plan, charitable ideas, along with the launch of their exciting & powerful website in June 2000, and current share price of $5.00 Eric, David & Sons rates What’s for Free Technologies (OTC BB WFFT) a very strong and attractive buy. 

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