Important question re: venus fly traps

Brian Fistler bmfist at
Wed Apr 26 17:39:04 EST 2000

Yes, the Venus Flytrap CAN digest meat, HOWEVER, feeding the flytrap 
pieces of meat will OFTEN simply result in the meat becoming moldy, and 
killing the plant.

The flytrap is designed to eat insects that have less moisture than a 
piece of beef, and 2nd the insects, when caught, will move around trying 
to escape, which in turn triggers the traps to close more tightly around 
the insect, and actually stimulate the digestive process.  Without this 
additional movement, the trap will actually think that it as "missed" 
the insect, or that it has escaped, and simply open up a couple days 
later, leading to the mold & disease problems.


In article <8dr43o$pk4$1 at>, 
faunmaster at says...
> I'm not a troll, this is a serious experiment.
> We seek to discover the effect of regular (hormoned) beef and organic (no
> hormone) beef on the growth rate of Dionaea muscipula (venus fly traps).  We
> pretty much have done a lot of research, but one question remains unknown.
> Can the venus flytrap digest the beef? I'm serious, I have no idea if it can
> or not.  My concious says that it can't......can some pleeease help me out
> here?
> Are there plant hormones that I can buy in a relatively short time and from
> where?
> One other option was that to test the effect on steroid fed flies and
> regular flies (drosophila melanogaster) -but this doesn't seem like a likely
> option.
> Thanks a lot, I really appreciate ANY input..........thanks.
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