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Your organising committee takes pleasure in announcing CAM-2001, the IIIrd
International CAM Congress which will be held at Coconut Beach Resort,
Queensland, Australia between August 24th and August 28th, 2001. The
Congress will be a satellite meeting of the XIIth International Congress on
Photosynthesis which will be held during the preceding week in Brisbane,

The Congress will run for 3 days and 4 nights and will consist of 2.5 days
of talks, poster sessions and workshops. A one day local tour is also on
the agenda.

The Australian Journal of Plant Physiology has agreed to produce a special
congress edition on the proviso that all articles are peer-reviewed and
information is new.

If you are interested in attending the CAM-2001 congress please fill out
the attached form and return it promptly. Please include an e-mail address!!

Although there is plenty of space for family, friends and spouses, the
lecture room at the resort holds a maximum of 65. Applications will be
accepted on a first-in first-served basis.

If you have ideas for session or workshop topics, we would be happy to hear
them and shall endeavour to incorporate them into the programme.

The venue, Coconut Beach Resort, is approximately 200 km north of Cairns
and is situated in a lowland tropical rainforest in the Australian World
Heritage Rainforest National Park 3 km from Cape Tribulation. If you want
to read the tourist-oriented hyperbole, try contacting  The resort is built in
the rainforest and has its own beach, it really is a lovely place. There
are no neighbours apart from the forest, the Coral Sea and the JCU
rainforest canopy crane. August is the cool dry season which means few
mosquitoes, no cyclones, daily maxima of about 28oC and daily minima of
about 200C.

A CAM-2001 web site has been set up at:
Please bear with us with respect to the web-site which is 'under
construction', your organising committee presently numbers one! When
complete, the web site (i) will permit participants to register
electronically, (ii) illustrate the format required for abstracts, (iii)
describe the types of rooms available and their cost (we are currently
negotiating discounts), and (iv) provide information on tours etc. 

Please pass news of this conference to your CAM colleagues. This circular
is being sent on the basis of a list of those who attended the last
congress held in Panama in 1993 and from a trawl of authors who have during
the last 5 years published articles on CAM that are listed in Current
Contents. It may bypass students, retirees or those who have not recently
published on CAM topics.

Congress registration costs are not yet set but will probably be around
A$450-500 (the A$ tends to fluctuate between US59¢-65¢). Registration will
include all meals, morning and afternoon teas, substantial alcohol, return
transfers from Cairns airport to the resort, a ¾ day tour and the congress

We envisage rooms costing between A$40 (eco-lodge) and A$110 (hillside
unit) per person per night for a shared room. Prices are currently under
negotiation. When negotiations are complete, participants will have to
organise accommodation with the resort separately, stating they will be
attending the conference. Discounts will extend before and after the congress.

If you are interested in receiving more information about CAM-2001 please
contact Joe Holtum:

postal address:
Dr J Holtum,	
Dept of Tropical Plant Sciences,
James Cook University,
Queensland 4811,

office/lab:      61 (07)4781 4391
facsimile:       61 (07)4725 1570
electronic mail: CAM-2001 at	

Please provide the following information:

1.  Do you intend to attend the congress and, if so, how many people will
  accompany you?
2.  Would like to present a talk? (How about a tentative title?) 
3.  Would like to present a poster? (How about a tentative title?) 
4.  Please provide an address, e-mail number and fax number
5.  Do you intend to attend the Photosynthesis Congress in Brisbane?
6.  Do you have the suggestions for sessions, workshops etc?


Joe Holtum

Dr Joe Holtum,
Dept. of Tropical Plant Sciences,
School of Tropical Biology,
James Cook University of North Queensland,
Townsville, North Queensland 4811,

Facsimile:        61 (int) 07 47 251570
Telephone:        61 (int) 07 47 814391
Electronic mail:  joseph.holtum at

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