Important question re: venus fly traps

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Sat Apr 29 12:13:56 EST 2000

If they digest flies, they probably can do bits of beef. However, bef is
much more juicy than flies, and where a fly body might dessicate and allow a
plant to work slowly, the beef, even if a small moresel, might rot before
the digestive (or say absorptive) process can occur. What about pitcher
plants? They have the digestive materials in a liquid phase, and might avoid
the 'rotting' process.

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Faunmaster <faunmaster at> wrote in message
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> I'm not a troll, this is a serious experiment.
> We seek to discover the effect of regular (hormoned) beef and organic (no
> hormone) beef on the growth rate of Dionaea muscipula (venus fly traps).
> pretty much have done a lot of research, but one question remains unknown.
> Can the venus flytrap digest the beef? I'm serious, I have no idea if it
> or not.  My concious says that it can't......can some pleeease help me out
> here?
> Are there plant hormones that I can buy in a relatively short time and
> where?
> One other option was that to test the effect on steroid fed flies and
> regular flies (drosophila melanogaster) -but this doesn't seem like a
> option.
> Thanks a lot, I really appreciate ANY input..........thanks.
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