Pyracantha that seems to be dying

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at
Sun Aug 6 18:21:26 EST 2000

sounds like overwatering to me, and a bit of premature trimming, perhaps.
try cutting down to once a week watering, making sure you have good
drainage, and perhaps a diluted or mild fertilizer.  transplanting plants is
always a stressful experience for them, so further trimming is not a great

good luck
PWB <pwb at> wrote in message
news:398D7A02.93B6CB1C at
> I have a Pyracantha that seems to be dying.  I bought it a few months
> ago and transplanted it to a larger pot.  Even though I cut the upper
> portion which was turning brown (and staying brown) -- now the upper
> portion (which was the middle portion before the cutting) is also
> turning brown.  Is this normal or might I be watering it too much.  I
> water it every other day and the soil always looks moist.   I have had
> it in direct sunlight and also in partial shade.  Any ideas how to save
> my pyracantha?

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