It's Hydroponics on the Half-Shell

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Thu Aug 10 00:48:09 EST 2000

Here's a great idea for science curriculum!

Ever seen clear dirt?  Ever wonder what roots look like when they are
actually growing in soil?  Well your students do too!  With Crystal Clay gel
you can watch the entire process from germination to maturity.  This unique
seed growing kit features a clear growing medium to give a close-up 3-D view
of root growth.  Just add water and the super-expanding clear soil gel
swells to 100 times its size!  Add the included seeds for an intimate view
of plant growth and anatomy.

Explore our web site
to see pictures and other details.

Educators Love Crystal Clay!!
"Crystal Clay is an excellent addition to the classroom." Mrs. Coppley,
Third Grade Teacher
"It's a hoot!" Mrs. Karies, Elementary School Teacher

It's Affordable  Educational  and Fun!

Order a sample conveniently from our web site, or call us for prices on
low-cost classroom kits:

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 Phone: (925) 513-2367
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