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Thu Aug 10 13:44:13 EST 2000

Dear plant-ed folks:

Our chair has come up with some money to buy equipment and I'd like advice
on some of the things we hope to purchase. I've listed the equipment below
with specific questions on some of the items. I'm posting this to both
plant-ed and cur-l so I apologize if you get two copies of this message.
Growth chambers
	for tissue culture and for growing arabidopsis
	Percival Vs Conviron
	I know Percival is cheaper and ahs a special Arabidopsis chamber.
Have people had good luck with these?  I've 	only used ancient ones we
got at government surplus (graduate school) or Convirons (post-doc)
	Is there some other company I should be considering?

Digital cameras
	What are important features to look for?
	Any special kind of computer needed for storing data and how much
hard drive space is a good ballpark?
	Any overall system that is good, or less expensive or both?
Student microscopes
	Dissecting scopes
	Our student scopes are all ancient and shall we say, not top of the
line.  I'd like to get some better scopes with good 	optics.  What brands
are good for the student level and are there any non-standard features I
should look for?
	Are there good sources for good, used scopes?

Spec 20 or other student spectrophotometer
	We've got  Spec 20's that are gray with dial, not digital output.
We'd like to get more of these so we'd have eight of 	the same kind.  Is
there something else we should be considering?

Agarose gel boxes and pipettors
	Here I'm looking for good cheaper brands and less expensive sources
of equipment.

Thanks a  lot for helping a new professor!


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