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Monique Reed monique at
Fri Aug 11 09:20:30 EST 2000

Digital Cameras:  Get one that is sturdy!  Look for one that has
swappable batteries and not one you have to plug in to recharge.

Dissecting scopes--we have both Nikon and Olympus and they are both
great.  It is worth the money to get one with a camera/video adaptor
so that you can put something under the scope and everyone in the room
can see it on a big TV.

M. Reed

"Fisher, Roxanne" wrote:
> Dear plant-ed folks:
> Our chair has come up with some money to buy equipment and I'd like advice
> on some of the things we hope to purchase. I've listed the equipment below
> with specific questions on some of the items. I'm posting this to both
> plant-ed and cur-l so I apologize if you get two copies of this message.

> Digital cameras
>         What are important features to look for?
>         Any special kind of computer needed for storing data and how much
> hard drive space is a good ballpark?
>         Any overall system that is good, or less expensive or both?
> Student microscopes
>         Compound
>         Dissecting scopes
>         Our student scopes are all ancient and shall we say, not top of the
> line.  I'd like to get some better scopes with good     optics.  What brands
> are good for the student level and are there any non-standard features I
> should look for?
>         Are there good sources for good, used scopes?

> Thanks a  lot for helping a new professor!
> Roxanne

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