Far-red light box

Janice M. Glime jmglime at mtu.edu
Wed Aug 16 16:16:29 EST 2000

On 16 Aug 2000, Artus, Nancy N. wrote:

> that one should use four 100 W incadescent bulbs.  That's going to make the
> box really hot.   Can the box be ventilated without letting outside light
> in? 
Will the outside light matter as long as there is enough of the far red?

 What is the best way to suspend a glass pan of water between the lights
> and the filter?
Water is a very good filter of red light - with about 90% gone in the
first meter of water in a lake.  I would expect an even higher % for far
red because it has less energy.  Could you suspend the lights over a box
with a clear glass or clear plastic cover and direct a fan between the box
and lights?  The clearance would probably only need to be about 5 cm.

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