Far-red light box

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at vt.edu
Wed Aug 16 23:10:35 EST 2000

just a note, i remember purchasing filters for far-red.  perhaps you could
construct a tube or something that would transmit the light into the box,
but distance the bulbs to allow some cooling.  perhaps a tube lined with
reflective surface interior, such as mylar, but that might screw up your
spectrum.  sorry nothing concrete, just thinking out loud and trying to
good luck, an interesting phenomenon


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> I am designing red and far-red light boxes for use in the classical
> phytochrome experiments.  The red box is straight forward since it uses a
> fluorescent bulb and won't require cooling.  I am having a harder time
> the far-red box that requires incadescent bulbs.  I am interested in
> about the designs of far-red set-ups that have worked for you.
> Thanks.
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