rootless Aloe

Kevin Franken kflist13 at
Mon Aug 21 00:49:51 EST 2000

Hi there -

I have a bunch of "baby" Aloe plants that arose vegetatively from their 
mother plants.  For some reason, these baby plants have no roots - there are 
nodes where roots can grow from, but no roots are present now.  I noticed 
this when I pulled a few from their pots.  Does anyone know what 
soil/fertilizer/etc. will promote root growth in both baby and older Aloe 

Weeks ago, I potted a few adult Aloe plants that did not have any roots in 
some Hyponex All-purpose potting soil.  I just took them out and saw NO 
roots.  Is this kind of soil not very good?  Should I have added fertilizer? 
  The plant is very much alive - it just doesn't have any roots.  I have 
watered it when necessary, but still no roots.

I am aware of auxin as a hormone that promotes rooting.  Will this and/or 
other chemicals/soil types help these Aloes?

Thank you.

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