rootless Aloe

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Mon Aug 21 20:29:00 EST 2000

thats really weird.  its possible that when you pulled the small ones out
you could have left their roots in the soil, but i can't explain the big
ones not having roots.  aloe plants, as desert succulents, in the wild, will
generally keep their roots spread along the surface of the soil...but in a
pot, who knows? i have several aloes i have nursed from near death and i
would never risk pulling them out to investigate.  the only explanation i
can think of is either they have not had time to developed extensive roots
or they were ripped off when you removed them from the soil - you probably
would have noticed...

the soil most of my aloes are in has become rather stiff and dry, although
it accepts water very well, it has very good drainage, and the aloes seem to
prefer this..i have one in a clear hand-blown glass 'pot' and it has a lot
of roots along the bottom of the pot.  i can't tell if there is a central
taproot, but i doubt there is (from life-history, its possible though)

still i think its weird.  good luck with the propagation


"Kevin Franken" <kflist13 at> wrote in message
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> Hi there -
> I have a bunch of "baby" Aloe plants that arose vegetatively from their
> mother plants.  For some reason, these baby plants have no roots - there
> nodes where roots can grow from, but no roots are present now.  I noticed
> this when I pulled a few from their pots.  Does anyone know what
> soil/fertilizer/etc. will promote root growth in both baby and older Aloe
> plants?
> Weeks ago, I potted a few adult Aloe plants that did not have any roots in
> some Hyponex All-purpose potting soil.  I just took them out and saw NO
> roots.  Is this kind of soil not very good?  Should I have added
>   The plant is very much alive - it just doesn't have any roots.  I have
> watered it when necessary, but still no roots.
> I am aware of auxin as a hormone that promotes rooting.  Will this and/or
> other chemicals/soil types help these Aloes?
> Thank you.
> Kevin
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