rootless Aloe

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at
Tue Aug 22 16:16:20 EST 2000

while it is a monocot, it is a desert succulent (physiologically) which can
ocassionaly mean it has a taproot-like root system, such as agave.  its not
a true taproot, but similar.  i know that aloes form "pups" but eventually,
an individual plant needs to form its own roots, even if there are very

Monique Reed <monique at> wrote in message
news:39A2ADEC.8AEA0647 at
> Aloe is a monocot, none of which will have true taproots.  I had an
> aloe that made pups all over.  They don't always make roots.  I bet
> you can root them in water or some damp soil, though.
> M. Reed
> Colin Mitchell Beier wrote:
>  i can't tell if there is a central
> > taproot, but i doubt there is (from life-history, its possible though)
> >
> > still i think its weird.  good luck with the propagation
> >
> > colin

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