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Fri Aug 25 18:34:50 EST 2000

Plant-ed group,

There have been a proliferation of web sites dealing
with transgenic (or "genetically modified") crops, many
of them strongly advocating a pro or con position. Here's
a new site (of which I am one of the developers) that
attempts to provide balanced information on the topic:
"Transgenic Crops: An Introduction and Resource Guide"

Our design strategy was to make the site accessible, i.e.,
not requiring a molecular biology degree to understand it,
while providing links and references for those desiring more
detailed information. A "cool" feature that many students will
relate to is an animated sequence showing the transgenic
process, from DNA isolation through plant breeding. (This
sequence was kindly provided by colleagues at the University
of Nebraska.) Other features include news updates, an annotated
list of web sites, a discussion of risks and concerns, and a
description of the U.S. regulatory process. A Spanish language
version of the site and other enhancements are under development.

Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

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