Teaching evolution in schools

Warwick Silvester w.silvester at waikato.ac.nz
Wed Aug 30 23:01:38 EST 2000

We have a regular (quarterly) meeting with High School biolgy teachers at
which we give updates on current topics and tips on labs  (in a pizza and
wine context).
Last week we tackled the evolution/creation debate, in an attempt to help
teachers arm themselves for the increasing erosion that this is having.
To say that we were staggered by the outcome would be to strongly
understate the situation.  The level of uncertainty, apprehension and
ignorance on the principles of evolution was overwhelming.
 We have just had a meeting with a view to providing  a possible web based
teaching resource for teachers to upskill and to provide them with the
necessary resources to adequately teach this subject.
Does any one know of web based resources on principles of evoltion that
might be suitable for us to use or to direct teachers to.  Alternatively
someone may have an accessible course that we could buy into and modify for
our teachers. One of the big difficulties of course is that the syllabus
requires local examples and teachers don't have that information available.
We would need to annotate such material with local examples.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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