Update tree-sitter Ginkgo in Ashland, Oregon

Sacha sacha at garden.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 3 14:03:50 EST 2000

On Sun, 03 Dec 2000 17:47:18 GMT, "Rose Martin" <roswitha at bconnex.net>

>Loved your site... very informative.  I am a herbologist and treat with
>ginkgo a lot.  I have a high regard for the tree and empathize with your
>plight.  I've never seen an old ginkgo tree... how about a picture?

Not on urg, please.  It costs us poor old Britons a lot of 'phone
money to download pictures.  Maybe you could email it?

>"CorK" <kwantenzap at xs4all.nl> wrote in message
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>> Hello all that mean well,
>> Please help to save a monumental 100 years old Ginkgo tree in Ashland,
>> Oregon which is due for removal to make way for a library expansion.
>> This Ginkgo is one of the very few old Ginkgos in the USA and deserves
>> our respect and protection. The tree can't speak up for itself,
>> therefore we have to do it.
>> Updates and full information about the tree and the tree-sitter action
>> which is starting  its 4th week (going on despite a mean attempt to
>> hurt the tree-sitter)  :
>> The Ginkgo Pages
>> http://www.xs4all.nl/~kwanten
>> Thanks for your support!
>> CorK
>> email: remove *zap*

S. Devon

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