Grasses question, quick thought

Wilson Crone cronewil at
Mon Dec 4 12:06:41 EST 2000

Off the top of my head (trying to put an anatomy presentation together with new
software), I'd say that sugar cane and bamboo rank up there, with cotton being
a major non-poaceous plant.  I'll need to check my "peripheral lobe" to make
sure.  What do y'all think?  Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

"Bohmfalk, John" wrote:

> Two different botany texts state that "Nine of the ten most economically
> important plants are grasses.", but neither text identifies all nine of
> them.  They do identify wheat, rice, corn, barley, millet, oats and rye.
> What are the other two?  Also, which non-grass is in the top ten?  Is it
> potato?
> Thanks.
> John
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