Update tree-sitter Ginkgo in Ashland, Oregon

Bill Williams WEWilliams at osprey.smcm.edu
Mon Dec 4 16:03:28 EST 2000

At 18:52 +0000 12/4/00, CorK wrote:
>On 4 Dec 2000 13:17:03 GMT, una at mars.its.yale.edu (Una Smith) wrote:
>Where did you observe street trees?
>Please be more precise.

There's a wonderful 19th-century "street" here in St. Mary's City 
lined with ginkgos of both sexes. It's actually the long-gone 
driveway for an old plantation house, since moved. Presumably when 
they planted them before the civil war, it wasn't easy to determine 
sexes. As I recall, roughly half are female.


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