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kwantenzap at (CorK) writes:

>It might well be the first tree on earth, you're not well informed.

It is certainly not the first tree on earth.  CorK, I suggest you go
*read a paleobotany textbook*;  several good ones have already been
cited in this thread.

una at (Una Smith) wrote:

>>Anyway, the sex of cultivated Ginkgo trees in North America is quite
>>irrelevant because these trees are not part of a breeding population.

>Landscapers plant only male trees,

This is false, as proved by the presence of female trees in numerous

>                                   and that's why the species can't
>survive in the wild - not enough females. 

Nonsense.  The survival of the species in the wild in China does not
depend on its cultivation as an ornamental.

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