Update tree-sitter Ginkgo in Ashland, Oregon

Martin Brown martin.brown at pandora.be
Tue Dec 5 03:37:26 EST 2000

CorK wrote:

> On 4 Dec 2000 21:54:08 GMT, una at mercury.cis.yale.edu (Una Smith)
> wrote:
> >Ginkgo biloba is in no danger of extinction;  the fruits are an
> >important COMMERCIAL nut WIDELY used in Chinese cooking, the leaves
> >are used WORLDWIDE in MANY POPULAR MEDICINES, and BOTH sexes are
> >common as street trees.
> I think you don't want to admit this is not true. Why? I wonder....

But it is basically true. They are grown pollarded as street trees even
in parts of central Tokyo and very widely in Japanese towns and cities
(also both sexes). Fortunately the older generation collect up the fruit
before it gets seriously smelly as a supply of free ginko nuts. I think
they have to bury them for a while or something - I never quite figured
out how they deal with the smell.

The nuts are a great delicacy. You can buy them in supermarkets in the
Far East.

Martin Brown

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