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Fossils and Phenology in the Evolution of Ginkgo biloba,
Rothwell,Holt, Ohio University
Cladistics of the Spermatophyta, Brittonia, Loconte, Stevenson
A reevaluation of seed plant phylogeny, Ann Missouri Bot Gard
Lignophyte phylogeny and the evolution of spermatophytes, a numerical
cladistic analysis, Syst Bot

The Ginkgo Pages

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>> On 4 Dec 2000 21:39:40 GMT, una at (Una Smith)
>> wrote:
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>> >kwantenzap at (CorK) writes:
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>> >>It might well be the first tree on earth, you're not well informed.
>> >
>> >It is certainly not the first tree on earth.  CorK, I suggest you go
>> >*read a paleobotany textbook*;  several good ones have already been
>> >cited in this thread.
>> I have.
>CorK, since you indicate that you have read a paleobotany text, 
>perhaps you could tell us which one supports your claim that
>the ginkgo "might well be the first tree on earth."  As a
>I would definitely support Una's statement that it is certainly
>not the first tree on earth.  In fact, it is not even close.
>Trees predate the ginkgo line (let alone the genus Ginkgo), by something 
>like 50 million years.
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