Update tree-sitter Ginkgo in Ashland, Oregon

Ashcrow Larkspurr Ashcrow at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 6 15:15:41 EST 2000

So then... if there are trees growin' in good ol' China, what's all the
hubbub here?

CorK wrote:

> On 6 Dec 2000 16:36:54 GMT, bae at cs.toronto.edu (Beverly Erlebacher)
> wrote:
> Further info:
> The Office For the Protection of New Varieties of
> Plants , State Forestry Administration , P. R. China:
>  http://www.cnpvp.net/English_version.htm
> >In article <3A2D542F.3E871E03 at worldnet.att.net>,
> >Ashcrow Larkspurr  <Ashcrow at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> >>100 year old ginkos are protected?  What part of China would that be...
> >>considering few if any trees survived the Cultural Revolution.
> >
> >No trees in China?  Where do people get such extreme notions?  China
> >is a very big country.  Although parts are very densely populated and
> >farmed at an intensity seldom seen outside of Asia, there are a lot of
> >areas that too steep and remote even to terrace, and there are actual
> >nature reserves.  Even in heavily settled areas, there are trees along
> >the roadsides, often pollarded for firewood production, and trees around
> >houses in towns and villages, and trees in urban parks.
> >

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