grafting a plant !!??!!??

GHD garyh at
Sat Dec 16 09:48:36 EST 2000

Hello, thanks for reading this note.

I have a question on a "reproduction" method I had seen many years ago.

If I recall correctly a small (about 5 cm/ 2 1/4 inch) branch was clipped
off a bush or tree,
placed into a shallow glass container and filled with water to the point
where the water
just covered the wood.  Than it was placed into the sun and after several
weeks a little
"stem" started to grow out of the wood.

My questions are as follows:

Is the above "procedure" correct or am I just imagining something I though I
have seen at
some point.

If the above is a viable procedure, can this be "done" with any "tree" ??

Thank you for your time,



garyh at

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