Hammond's Law of Auxology

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Mon Dec 18 22:59:36 EST 2000

Lee Hadden wrote:
> Just getting around to reading a weekend of backlogged email so this is late,
> but not untimely.
> My suggestion wasn't referring to a private chat room -- one of those group
> talk sites was more what I had in mind for a larger dialog on the questions
> you pose, with us all joining in at one session.  But you show your hand
> again and you're right, as you
> probably tend to be--it would be a waste of time.  Thanks for your questions;
> you've made that Ginkgo tree issue look more important and appealing than
> ever......
> L Hadden

Dennis G. wrote:

> If life, plant or otherwise, has fixed limits to growth set by the genome, then
> the limits of variation are fixed. Presumably, by 'god'.

GH:  This is interesting intuitive phraseology now that you mention it.
     As a physicist I'm seeking a "maximal generalization" of the
     NATURE-NURTURE situation for biological organisms.  To that end,
     I advance the following proposition:

12-18-2000              HAMMOND'S LAW OF AUXOLOGY

            In general plants and animals have a predetermined
          adult genetic size, this is referred to as their
          NATURE.  However, observation leads us to conclude
          that in fact, the population MEAN adult size of any
          species in the natural environment always manifests a
          significant "asymptotic growth curve decrement" showing
          that in effect, no living organism has yet been able to
          achieve it's theoretical genetic size. This NURTURE
          effect is referred to as a "Universal Growth Curve
            In fact, in human beings, the long slow historical
          reduction of this growth deficit is scientifically known
          as the "Secular Trend".  It is posited that there is
          in fact, a Secular Trend for ALL living organisms, and
          probably more rapid the higher the organism.
            Finally, it is advanced that this growth deficit in
          the case of the human brain, directly provides the
          neuropsychological causation of the psychological
          phenomena historically identified as "God".

If I could have your reaction to that thesis, I would be
quite interested.

> Dennis
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