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Tue Dec 19 10:05:17 EST 2000

>   I am on a number of listserves.  One of the things I have enjoyed about
> the plant-ed group is the collegiality, professionalism and consideration
> that posters to this listserve have exhibited.  Aside from spammers, the
> serious participants on this group fit that description pretty well.
>   Recently, some of the discussions have deteriorated into name calling,
> huffy attitudes and the like.  I may be the only one feeling this way,
> but I'd like to see a little more respect, etc. exhibited.  I don't like
> spam, but the solution to keep our group open and manageable has been to
> encourage the 'del key' solution.  Some on this group have shown
> irritation at a lengthy discussion of some topics.  All topics may not
> interest all participants in the group.  If it doesn't interest us, just
> delete and keep going.  No need to try stopping it, getting snappy, etc.
>   Some of these discussions may be of no interest to some, but I have
> been interested in following discussions that others have tired of.  So
> how about it, can we keep this an enjoyable newsgroup to be part of, full
> of interesting and civil discussions?  And remember, a discussion you
> don't like can be taken care of with the good 'ol delete key.
>Dave Starrett

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