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My best advice to you is to find the following book and buy it:

O'Brien, T.P. and M.E. McCully. 1981. The Study of Plant Structure:
Principles and Selected Methods. Tercmarcarphi Pty. Ltd., Melbourne,
Australia. ISBN 0 9594174 0 0.

The address of the press is 10 Arboroath Road, Wantirna Victoria 3512


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My department just purchased a fluorescent microscope and I would like to
introduce it to my cell biology lab.  Since I'm a botanist, most of my cell
labs are plant in nature, rather than rat liver.  Can some of you suggest
some stains I might purchase or some specimens that fluoresce naturally.  I
have several ideas, but it's been a while since I had access to such a scope
and I'm sure you all can add to my body of knowledge.

Thanks in advance,


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