Sesame Seed Production?

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Fri Feb 11 05:48:39 EST 2000

David W. Kramer wrote:
> My students are writing a term paper on an economically important plant of
> their choice.  One student is writing on sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum L. ;
> Family Pedaliaceae).  One of the sections of the paper is to report
> production statistics.  He's having trouble finding that info and I haven't
> been able to help him in spite of having looked extensively.  You can
> imagine that statistics are readily available (USDA, etc.) for major crop
> plants (especially those that figure in export trade or those that enjoy a
> government subsidy) but it's not so easy to find production data for lesser
> crops like sesame seeds.
> Can anyone point us to a book or web site with this info?  I'm not asking
> you to give us the data, just to give us a clue!  We're clueless!  (Others
> say that, too!)
> Thanks in advance and have a good day.
> Dave
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Just from poking about a little, I found this USDA site:

which has all sorts of data for international farm products.
Sesame is an oilseed - that might be a good keyword for your student to

I also ran across this:

This is an Indian company that exports sesame seed as well as grows it. 
They even have graphs.  

Hope this helps.


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