Expts with different colors of light

David Kirschtel kirschte at msu.edu
Thu Feb 24 14:19:55 EST 2000

mmphillips at stkate.edu wrote:

> I have a number of student groups wanting to do experiments investigating
> the effects of different colors of light on plant growth.   I've not been
> satisfied with what we've used in the past to try to do this -- does anyone
> have suggestions of good sources for colored films/gels/whatever to use to
> filter the light?   Or are there light bulbs out there that could be used?
> I'm not finding stuff in the Carolina catalog, Wards, etc. but may be
> looking in the wrong place.

   Try Edmund Scientific (www.edmundscientific.com) they have good
selection of filters (band-pass and cutoff). Order a catalog, their
online inventory seems to be pretty limited.

   For culturing algae I've used a either combination of warm white and
cool white fluorescent tubes or high output fluorescent tubes. These
will provide a braod spectrum souce light that you can then filter

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