Expts with different colors of light

shelley hyland shelly_hylandNOshSPAM at fmi.com.invalid
Fri Feb 25 23:49:24 EST 2000

A couple years ago I ran an experiment with tobacco seeds
which included albino seeds in the pack.  We used sunlight,
a dark box, a blue light bulb and a red light bulb because
that is what was available at the school.  The results we
focussed on was the ratio of albino seeds that germinated
compared to normal green seedlings.  I can't remember the
results or differences with red versus blue light.  I
ordered seeds to try a similar experiment this year from
Ward's Science Catalog, but the seeds would not germinate.
Perhaps a bad batch.

Good luck
Shelley Hyland
International School Kuala Kencana, Irian Jaya

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