Where can i find ucalyptis seeds

Jiri Tyl drist at turbo.cz
Mon Feb 28 07:22:13 EST 2000

I'm succesfuly growing three different species of eucalyptus indoors and all are
in very good condition. I think that they can be raised indoors without big
problems if you keep them in light place (as nearly everything, heh). I bought
seeds in my local store, so I cannot help you with that, but eucalyptus are
common and it will be easy to buy them. Seeds are very small, but small plants
are very vital and grow fast.

> >
> > Or as they are nuts mayb, wood like 2 grow some in my home i live in Canada
> With the exception of silver dollar eucalyptus, they're not
> houseplants.  Thompson and Morgan should have the seeds.

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