PKAL Summer Institute on Plant Biology Education

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Hi--was talking to Susan Singer (Carleton)last week about this, and so at
least she and I will be there, participating, and I would be glad to
summarize major themes as they arise.  Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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"J. Monroe" wrote:

> Hi all,
> This caught my eye today as something this group would be interested
> in...  Project Kaleidoscope or PKAL ( is running
> a series of Summer Institutes in
> Keystone, Colorado, and one of them (July 23-26, 2000) is on "The
> Future of Plant Biology".  Copied below is the description from their
> web site.  I would love to go but I can't.  Is anyone in this group
> involved or planning to attend?  If so, I think it would be great if
> they could post here on Plant-ed the highlights of the meeting so
> that they might reach a wider audience and spark discussion.  Any
> takers?
>  From
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> Where is plant biology undergraduate education headed and what are
> the major challenges? This workshop will include plant biologists
> working at all levels, from ecosystems to molecules, and is aimed at
> professional societies, as well as academic teams. In hands-on
> workshops and case studies, participants will explore a range of
> topics, including: the campus as classroom, technology and pedagogy
> in plant biology, integrating field experiences, and enhancing the
> presence of plants in introductory biology. Addressing opportunities
> to serve preservice teachers and to work more closely with our
> professional societies will also be discussed.
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