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The rustic Laganza Farm-White Sage Project encompasses 20 acres of land trust
in lower Southern California. Arable land at 3,400 feet elevation characterized
by cactus, mesquite and manzanita.  Openings for singles,or families with
children willing to develop and maintain an intentional life style.  Mixture of
private and community control of land, consensus decisions, balance between
group and private life, developing sustainable lifestyles, deepening ties to
nature, commitment to honest communication. We envision community activities
including biodynamic and organic farming, construction of appropriate
buildings, seasonal celebrations and sharing meals.  The farm currently hosts
orchard land and some vegetable production, with future goals to include
floriculture, ethnobotony/herbs production, native plants production, expanded
vegetable production, and educational programs.  Farm produce will be for the
purpose of consumption by residents as well as sales through multiple markets
and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). 

CSA marketing is a means of food distribution where patrons subscribe to the
farm and receive a weekly supply of produce directly from the farm.  This
process allows the farmer to grow for a particular constituency and the
consumer receives a supply of locally grown produce and maintains a
relationship with their food and the land that provides it.  The CSA will
provide a larger community that we envision as being associated with the
smaller on farm residents by visiting the farm and participating in farm events
such as harvest celebrations, field days, and (in the case of local patrons) on
site pick up of produce.
Other options and opportunities.

Contact: Marlin L. Harrison
             Farm Manager
             EOS Institute Field Station
             Laganza Farm
             43875 Barbara Trail  
             Aguanga, California 92536-9501

Phone: 909-763-4707 after 5pm local time
Email: LaganzaF at

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