Alaska Plant Identification?

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Jan 10 10:41:36 EST 2000

Identification of Alaskan plants is not that difficult for anyone who
can use a taxonomic key and can recognize some major families. There
just aren't that many species up there!  Hulten's _Flora of Alaska_ is
a terrific reference, especially if you can find one of the
illustrated editions.  The nomenclature may be a bit out of date, but
you can always cross-reference with one of the on-line sources such as
the BONAP checklist at

Monique Reed.

Lauren Clark wrote:
> My father recently returned from a trip to Denali National Park Alaska with
> some beautiful photographs of the tundra - a variety of wildflowers, ground
> cover, and shrubs.  He is looking for web site or book that will help him
> identify these plants.
> Any suggestions?

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