christmas plant help!!

mystic mystic at
Mon Jan 24 01:54:02 EST 2000

Shawn Campbell wrote:
> Hey Paul,
>            Don't feel bad. I've never had much luck with Poinsettias
> myself. They seem to require a lot of light and just the right amount of
> water and fertilizer to flurish, and they will drop their leaves at the
> first sign of stress. Therefore their practicality as an ongoing
> houseplant is questionable.
>      As far as their flowers are concerned they aren't really flowers at
> all! They are actually new leaves. If you have any little ones in the
> house (or curious pets, like my crazy cats!) you might consider getting
> rid of your Poinsettia before it starts dropping leavs becase they are
> extemely toxic!!!

No they're not.  They might be a member of the Euphorbia family, but
they're not toxic.  That's a common misperception.


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