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One of the best sources is Triarch Microslides in Ripon, WI, Roxanne. (Ripon
Microslides was bought out several years ago by Carolina Biological, and the
operation in Ripon shut down. Interesting that the two best slide makers
were both in Ripon. There's a reason for that -- one company evolved into
two with partners becoming competitors decades ago.)

The polarizing filters can be purchased from some place like Edmunds
Scientific. It comes in sheets of various thickness and all you do it cut it
into squares of circles. Get the heavier stuff, it is much better.

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Dear plant-ed folks:

I'm teaching Botany for the first time this semester and I want to get
some slides for the class that aren't available from Carolina.  What are
other sources for slides?  Also, I remember when I was a TA we had
polarizing sets that consisted of two small, round, flat things
(polarizing film in a frame?).  We placed one on the light source and
held the other in front of the eyepiece and rotated it.  Does this sound
fmailiar to anyone and does anyone know where I can get these?  Thanks!


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