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Mon Jan 31 08:23:20 EST 2000

Dear plant-ed folks:

Roxann Fisher wrote:

>Dear plant-ed folks:
>I'm teaching Botany for the first time this semester and I want to get
>some slides for the class that aren't available from Carolina.  What are
>other sources for slides?  Also, I remember when I was a TA we had
>polarizing sets that consisted of two small, round, flat things
>(polarizing film in a frame?).  We placed one on the light source and
>held the other in front of the eyepiece and rotated it.  Does this sound
>fmailiar to anyone and does anyone know where I can get these?  Thanks!

I don't know about the anatomy slides, but the polarization sets are
available from Ward's Scientific.  I got a dozen of them for Cell Biology
lab.  They are square and come in pairs.  I have students place one over
the light (for short periods) and hold the other between the eyepiece and
their eye and then rotate it.  I use them to give the students a taste of
polarization microscopy and to examine an unusual cell, the niduloblasts of
Dieffenbachia leaves.  When the students do it right they love it.  Hope
this helps.

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