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in our nonmajors biology course, there is not much that is 
experimental in the lab sequence, and space is extremely limited. 
so, last semester, i had students grow pea plants (innoculated and 
control) at home on their windowsills. they maintained journals and 
growth data was collected and analyzed after 7 weeks of growth. i 
felt like students got involved in the project and enjoyed it. however, 
a lot of the peas did not grow well. i had chosen peas because the 
flower is pretty and the one we used should have had a pleasant 
fragrance. by the end of the semester, few students reported 
flowering, and a lot of the plants were sickly or dead. 

can anybody suggest a plant that can be grown from seed that will 
grow well under low light conditions? 

despite getting off to a poor start last spring, i'm still excited about 
the possibilities inherent in this class effort at generating real 
experimental data. any advice will be appreciated.

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