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Thu Jul 27 11:48:56 EST 2000

thanks for your many responses to my query:
can anybody suggest a plant that can be grown from seed that will 
grow well under low light conditions? 

here is a summary:
Arabidopsis grows well under low light (windowsill) conditions.  I 
suspect fast plants (brassica) do as well.

second vote for brasica rapa, but grown in light boxes.

radish seeds in petri plate (to view root development) and coleus 

hi success rate with bean seeds, and students can design their 
own experiments to carry out at home - takes 5-8 weeks to grow 
the plants. also suggested graphing growth daily - we did weekly 
(every monday) data points and graphed # leaves.

grow plants from sweet potatoes and watch their development 
(buds, roots, leaves, etc.)

common outdoor/nursery variety of Impatiens can be grown 
relatively easily from seed and will bloom rather profusely in
window light.

C-Fern - check out our website at

finally, 'construct a greenhouse' for each student to use at home - 
sounds intriguing. i'm going to look for that book.

thanks so much to all of you.

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